My art has always reflected the experiences in my life.

        Since I was old enough to remember, I have been interested in representing what surrounds me and how I feel about it.

        I try to capture moments, expressions, and sensations around a subject, which then surface as an individual emotion in the viewer.

        I believe that a work of art should inspire sensitivity from and for both the artist and the viewers, and be able to suggest different interpretations.

        What is Reality? 

        I believe that reality is what someone witnesses right NOW.  What happened a few minutes ago has become already a memory.

        What is Memory?

A memory is a happening that has been filtered and somehow manipulated by the mind through moral, social, political, and religious beliefs. These factors shape who I am as an individual and how I see and judge the world around me.  Because we are to some extent all different, shaped differently, I believe that everyone’s reality is also somehow different.

        My compositions come together through layers of colors and textures; becoming my interpretation of reality, or, as some have described: “His use of transfers and oil to create layered compositions… have a moody, dream-like quality even though they are clearly scenes of daily life”.