“MIXED EMOTIONS” is an installation video that I created in 2005 to explore the feelings that we have toward our own mothers.  
The video contains four interviews.  Each person was asked similar questions related to their relationship with their mother.  Since my mother’s death in 2000, I have been exploring my own relationship with her, and I am one of the interviewees. 
The video, about twenty minutes long, was projected on a white wall of a small room, with an empty stool, and was viewable through a fixed opening of about twelve inches.  Viewers could sit or stand by the opening to glimpse the people on the screen sharing their emotions and to ponder on their own experiences.
to view entire video   Click HereMixed_Emotions_2.htmlMixed_Emotions_files/mixedemotionsweb3.mp4shapeimage_2_link_0